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Watch The People vs. Fritz Bauer  (2015) Online Full Movie Free

The People vs. Fritz Bauer (2015)

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The story of the man who brought high-ranking German Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann to justice.

The Birthday Wish (2017)

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Dan Clouse had a quiet life in a small town with his wife and son. Then one day everything changed. The quiet town was littered with broken bodies...

Personal Shopper (2016)

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Revolves around a ghost story that takes place in the fashion underworld of Paris.

The Sense of an Ending (2017)

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A man becomes haunted by his past and is presented with a mysterious legacy that causes him to re-think his current situation in life.

Frantz (2017)

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In the aftermath of WWI, a young German who grieves the death of her fiancé in France meets a mysterious Frenchman who visits the fiancé's grave to lay flowers.

The Unmarried Wife (2016)

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A businesswoman confronts her husband about his infidelity.

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three (2016)

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The third chapter of the cult-classic fantasy saga : A Chinese Odyssey.

At Cafe 6 (2016)

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After her car breaks down on a rainy night, Miss Liang enters a nearby coffee shop called Cafe 6. The...

Teenage Tourettes Camp (2006)

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Follows five British teenagers with Tourette's Syndrome as they spend a week in an American summer camp.

Alibi Ike (1935)

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Idiosyncratic new recruit Francis "Ike" Farrell tries to help the Cubs to the pennant with his pitching and hitting.

Red Siren (2002)

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Nearly 13, Alice rebels, telling the Paris police that her mother is a murderer. Alice has no evidence; her mother...

The Real Buddy Holly Story (2017)

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The complete video biography of rocknroll legend Buddy Holly, produced and hosted by Paul McCartney. This entertaining and enlightening show is the most definitive biography of Buddy Holly ever assembled, featuring interviews with members of The Crickets and many of Buddy Hollys family and friends who knew him best. Includes rare performances and Paul McCartney performs several of Buddy Hollys songs.

Nord (1992)

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The story of a dysfunctional family in Northern France. Dad is a mean abusive drunk pharmacist, mom is addicted to pills and has incestuous desire for her son, the son is skipping school to fish and daughter is mentally handicapped.

Secrets of an Actress (1938)

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Two architects lose their heads over a glamorous actress.

Tell Me No Secrets (1997)

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Jess Koster is a young attorney in LA who is being stalked by the serial killer she is prosecuting.

The Nasty Show Hosted by Artie Lange (2017)

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In this comedy special, the legendary Artie Lange hosts a line up of the most deranged and hilarious minds in comedy that's not for the faint of heart. Features Mike Wilmot, Mike Ward, Gina Yashere, Luenell, Jimmy Carr and Gilbert Gottfried.

Koblic (2016)

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1977, during the days of the Argentinian Dictatorship. A former pilot and captain of the Argentinian...

The Mind Reader (1933)

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Chandler, a con-man, and his helper Frank decide to create a clairvoyant act for the carny circuit,...

The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)

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An amorous lieutenant is forced to marry a socially awkward princess, though he tries to keep his violin-playing girlfriend on the side.

An Enemy of the People (1978)

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A scientist stands against an entire town when he discovers their medicinal spa is polluted.

Kept (2001)

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A murderous couple commit a series of sex related murders while two police detectives investigate the crimes.

Circus of the Dead (2014)

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A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game when the circus comes to town and a sadistic clown forces him to examine the things in life he takes for granted in the most horrific ways.

Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama (2016)

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Think the first one was yummy? Hope you left room for seconds! Trailer Trauma was only the beginning. Now you must prepare yourself as an all new assault of gruesome ghouls leaps off the screen and into the drivers seat! A tribute to the twilight days of drive-in horror double-bills and dusk-till-dawn creature feature spook shows, Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama is a wild celebration of monster movie mayhem that will blow your mind! Featuring 95 RARE and HARD-TO-FIND trailers mastered in full HD... many for the first time! Nearly 3.5 hours of movie madness! If Trailer Trauma left you hungry for more, Trailer Trauma 2 will eat you alive!

Bukovsky (1977)

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A documentary on Vladimir Bukovsky, a Soviet dissident who spent twelve years in psychiatric units and prisons.