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Maanik (2019)

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Bianca (2019)

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Lauren Trent, kidnapped by The Group, is drugged and brainwashed into being a slave for The Group, to be used however they see fit. Activated by a Pass Phrase, Lauren is transformed into Bianca, whenever The Group wants her services.

Les Crevettes Pailletées (2019)

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Matthias Le Goff, an Olympic champion at the end of his career, makes a homophobic statement on TV. His punishment: coach the Shiny Shrimps, a flamboyant and amateur gay water-polo team. ...

Can Dostlar (2019)

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Can Dostlar

Cradle Robber (2019)

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Jessica, a single mother, has a warm relationship with her 18-year-old daughter -- until Tessa starts dating an older man against mom's wishes. The crisis becomes lethal when Jessica ...

Trouble (2018)

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Middle-aged siblings feud over possession of their father's estate in this sibling rivalry dramatic comedy.

Rockaway (2019)

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Inspired by true events, a man recounts the summer of '94, when he and his brother plotted revenge against their abusive father.

Don't Come Back from the Moon (2019)

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Fathers in a small California desert town abandon their children one by one leaving behind a wake of anger and crime as their sons and daughters come of age.

Encounter (2018)

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A group of friends uncover an otherworldly object in a rural field, which they soon discover holds greater secrets than they could imagine.

The New Romantic (2018)

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Frustrated with the lack of chivalrous guys her own age, a college senior gives up on dating for love to date an older man in exchange for gifts instead.

Phobia 2 (2019)

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Phobia 2 is composed of five short movie segments directed by five of the best directors of Thai horror films. A teenager who committed a crime goes to a sacred place for meditation and ...

Our Wonderful Lives (2019)

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Margot, Jeremy, Salome, Caesar, Sonia - They are between 18 and 50 years old. Everything separates them except the urgency to rebuild and restore the relationship to the other that the ...

The Days to Come (2019)

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The Days to Come

Masha i Medved 3 (2019)

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Masha i Medved 3

Family 420 once again (2019)

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All the members of the family are after one girl for marriage.

Mon bébé (2019)

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A working woman, mother a three children, realizes that, when her youngest one is about to go to Canada to continue her education, she will end up out of her most precious goal, being a mother..

Jacqueline I Am Coming (2019)

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Jacqueline I Am Coming is about a 40-year-old unmarried Hindu man Kashi Tiwary who finds love in a church. Jacqueline however has a history of mental issues and is admitted to an asylum. But Kashi who loves her immensely hatches a plan.

Aduva Gombe (2019)

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Madhava (Sachari Vijay) lost his parents at the age of one and since then has been living with his elder sister Rukmini (Sudha Belawadi), who is married to Kishen (Anant Nag), a coffee planter.

Lotte ja kadunud lohed (2019)

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Lotte ja kadunud lohed

Loveland (2019)

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A group of friends from the city embark on a weekend of camping fun, but what happens is far from fun.

Butterfly (2019)

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No Mercy (2019)

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No Mercy

Extreme Job (2019)

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A team of narcotics detectives goes undercover in a fried chicken joint to stake out an organized crime gang. But things take an unexpected turn when the detectives' chicken recipe suddenly...

Commanding Cue (2019)

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Cue's a murderer who doesn't want to be. It's not his fault though, something is commanding him to be the way he is.